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It feels good to be free of corporate oppression. Individual liberty strengthens and secures community and nation.


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Independently hosted at the region's only 100% local data center, on locally owned, private, enterprise-grade hardware.

Questions Answered
Yes, really. email is a free service offered to Nevada residents. As a private and ad-free community service, the goal is a benevolent, honest, and powerful alternative to the mainstream providers that does not require compromising one's integrity and privacy. A small bit of liberty and a feeling of control and freedom and community love goes a very long way in America. It might seem small but it still improves our lives and strengthens our communities. Every little thing matters.

Yes, even better, actually! email comes with many powerful features:

  • Spam filter controls
  • Labels, tags, filters
  • Vacation responder
  • Throw-away aliases
  • Calendar and Contacts integration
  • ActiveSync
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • TLS Encryption
  • Private Jabber IM
  • Powerful web mail
  • and much more email is superior to every free email provided by corporate tech giants with one simple and crucial detail:

Privacy. As in real, meaningful privacy every user can expect and believe.

When was the last time you actually read the legal terms you accept by using various Google products? Has anyone studied the Facebook terms and service agreements? The short version is Google monitors and collects every conceivable detail of everything you do and analyzes the contents of your email, while Facebook literally takes ownership of everything everyone uploads to their network, forever.

three more things:
  1. is not a business venture and exists without regard for profit or revenue;
  2. does not monitor user behavior, collect and analyze usage metadata, or access private account data for data mining;
  3. email users enjoy full access to advanced settings and features far beyond any "free" email from one of the gargantuan tech companies - fine-tune spam filtering; create throw-away aliases, filter and sort everything with labels, folders, and more; easy vacation responder and other automations; sync from outside accounts (like GMail) to have everything in one place; and much more.

No, not like that. email is focused on personal privacy, as described in the service agreement, and providing a realistic alternative to Big Tech services that read and collect everything you do.

That said, security is a priority and we work hard to protect our servers and your data. User data is encrypted on disk.

Well, we say Nevada only but we do not have a meaningful strategy to enforce residency. Honestly, just about anyone interested can have an account.
You should do what is right for you. This is not a sales pitch. Definitely read our service agreement and compare the legal terms with your current email provider.

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